Refreshing Corona’s “Miles Away From Ordinary” Campaign

The Challenge

Corona’s “Miles Away From Ordinary” campaign had been going strong for nearly a decade. The challenge was to add new executions that garnered the same interest and results.

Creative assets

“Treasure Map”

A simple yet highly engaging 30-second reminder of just how far from ordinary Corona really is.

“All we hear is the surf, and an occasional gull. This doesn’t just cut through the clutter of commercials. It cuts through the auditory clutter of life itself.” — Adweek

“Separation Anxiety”

A simple and powerful visualization of how inseparable Corona is from both consumers and the lime.


Campaign favorability and beer sales continue to rise.


People are fanatical about Corona, but Corona Light hadn't had much success winning over light beer fans. So the strategy was simple. What if we reminded light-beer drinkers that Corona Light is actually the only light beer that tastes like a Corona.

CORONA - Too Much Energy

CORONA - Jingle

CORONA - A Bit Too British

CORONA - Devil Guy