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Subscriber Acquisition Optimization

Increasing Net Activations Through Smarter Acquisition Targeting


C Spire markets wireless phones and plans, high speed internet and subscription TV services against Verizon, AT&T and T Mobile in a market with over 100% penetration (most households have more than 1 device) and constant 1%+ monthly churn rate.

Our challenge is to achieve positive net activations and cross-sell services.


1. Acquisition Optimization

The best retention strategy is a low-churn acquisition strategy.
We worked with C Spire and Personix to segment C Spire’s current customer base to define the highest value, lowest churn customers.

Sample of Segmentation Data

Laptop with data table

We created a Brand Development Index to determine the most efficient acquisition geos.

Sample brand development index data

Laptop with data table

2. Conversion Rate Optimization

Prior to placing media we performed Conversion Rate Optimization across the site.

We track every stage of the conversion funnel from every source.

Laptop with data table

3. Target Market Optimization

We tested and optimized audiences to determine the most efficient acquisition targets.

Laptop with data table

4. SEM Optimization

We optimized SEM to increase conversions by 82% while decreasing cost per acquisition 49%.

5. Cross-sell Optimization

We worked with C Spire to identify and market the cross-sell opportunities.

Results Optimization