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How Children Helped Raise $28 Million To Build The Next Great Children’s Hospital.

Erlanger Health System


Children’s Hospital at Erlanger is a Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Center, serving patients across a 50,000 square-mile area. Despite its outstanding reputation for patient care, the hospital’s physical campus was one of the oldest in the nation. Patient spaces were overflowing. Treatment areas were crowded.

Quite simply, Chattanooga needed a new Children’s Hospital—stat.

We accepted the challenge to help the Erlanger Foundation raise $28 million to build Phase 1 of an all new Hospital—a state of the art outpatient center.

Proposed Hospital


We worked with the Erlanger Foundation’s team to develop a series of unique advertising assets for use on-site at Erlanger’s numerous campuses, as well as in high-profile locations throughout the region. Each ad featured one of the Hospital’s “Miracle Kids” as a construction worker, complete with toy tools.


With giant installations like this 10-story building banner, we created our own billboards in high-profile locations throughout the region.

We also used traditional billboards with extentions.


We worked with print media partners to create unique, multi-page ads that literally broke through the clutter and demanded attention.


We seized additional disruptive media opportunities across Erlanger’s campuses, including a series of elevator installations with teaser graphics on the closed doors that open to reveal one of our campaign kids and message.


Our online donation page and social campaign were key to the campaign fundraising efforts.