Erlanger Health System. Market Share Soars

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Reclaiming #1 for the nation’s 7th largest hospital.

Erlanger Health System


The 7th largest public health system in America, Erlanger was suffering from years of financial losses. Qualitative measures such as “best hospital,” “best technology,” and “the hospital I would choose,” were lagging behind their competitors. Market share in key service lines was decreasing.

The good news? Erlanger had unique and compelling attributes and benefits that the market simply didn’t know and new leadership that was insistent that Erlanger’s story be told.


We worked closely with Erlanger’s new leadership and set out to communicate their bold and impressive vision. Together, we positioned Erlanger as providing world-class care, right here at home. Then, we developed a multimedia campaign with unique concepts and unexpected placements across every media channel.


We teased the idea that a new era in heart care was coming with an introductory commercial that, using a visually stunning focus effect, transformed Chattanooga’s most recognizable city lights into hearts.

We leveraged one of Erlanger’s most beloved brand icons—its LIFE FORCE air ambulance fleet—for this dramatic commercial reinforcing Erlanger’s mission to bring in the top cardiovascular talent from all over the country.

We marked the Heart Institute’s first anniversary with this spot.


This billboard included working navigation lights.


We promoted Erlanger’s world-class cardiology program with several high-profile out-of-home placements, including the region’s busiest airport.



We created and placed a “cancer can’t hide from CyberKnife” alternative media campaign.


We planned, placed and created all our print campaigns, including unique print placements that break through the clutter.