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Since Fender Next is “elevating today’s emerging artists that are pushing guitar forward in music and culture”, we believe Fender now has the unique opportunity to pair those musical artists with today’s emerging poets, dancers, visual artists, and more.

This music-led collaboration between today’s diverse emerging artists would further embed Fender as the dominant cultural brand, supporting a generation of like-minded creators—all passionately working to move culture forward.

As an example of how such a collaboration might feel, we edited stock footage to create this mashup of H.E.R.’s anthem “Glory” with Amanda Gorman’s (our National Youth Poet Laureate) historic inauguration speech. Be sure to click the play button for full video experience.

Next, imagine what Blu DeTiger and Aiya Meilani, another viral poet recognized among today’s top Women of Color in the Creative Arts, might create in support of environmental awareness.

Finally, consider the implications of pairing artists like Tom Morello and X Gonzalez, Parkland shooting survivor and Gen Create’s loudest voice against gun violence. Two generations of passionate, creative, ethnic activists—a landmark “passing of the torch.”

We believe there is unlimited potential in pairing Fender musicians with artists working in virtually any media. We simply let the artists do what they do best: Create, and Move Culture Forward.

It wouldn’t be the first time music changed the world.

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