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How your hospital system can become the market leader in digital patient acquisition & ROI

Best-in-Class digital results start with Best-in-Class digital tools.

Terri™ SaaS Platform

Auto gens thousands of Google AMP landing pages for industry-leading speed and optimization down to the asset level.


Multi-touch attribution model optimizes each media platform to final conversion.

Petri Dish™ Full-Funnel CRO

Ensures you continuously have the highest performing creative assets.

Custom Analytics Dashboard

Complete, granular results at your fingertips.

Now with Patient Anonymized Tracking (PAT™)

HIPAA compliant, Patient Anonymized Tracking that allows you industry-leading analytics and optimization.

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Erlanger Case Study


In today’s healthcare market it is more critical than ever to prove ROI on every marketing dollar while also being HIPAA Compliant. That’s what the Erlanger and Johnson Group team accomplished across key service lines.


Through the development and application of the PAT™ (Patient Anonymized Tracking) platform, Erlanger and Johnson Group were able to pinpoint the ideal target audiences and geos and forecast patient visits, procedures and ROI.

Our 360° Patient Acquisition Strategy tracked every asset and touch point and continuously optimized the campaign.

Urology Campaign

Social Ad

Display Ad


Social Ad

Display Ad


Orthopaedics Campaign


Life Force Air Medical Campaign


Stroke Campaign

Social Ad

Display Ad



For each campaign, ROI, patient volumes, and patient procedures exceeded forecasts. The urology campaign, specifically, set new procedure records.