Labatt Blue Citra Launch
"It's a Beeracle"

The challenge

The IPA category dominates consumer preference with a plethora of IPA brands competing for consumers' mugs. Enter Labatt with a unique, new IPA that tastes like an IPA but is crushable like a lager.

The Challenge was to launch the new Labatt Blue Citra in the super competitive IPA category with a campaign as unique as the taste of the beer. Our team called the launch a “Beeracle”.

Social media assets

The "Beeracle" campaign featured an iconic beer preacher as our new spokesman. He even comes equipped with his own hotline. 1-866-A-BEERACLE is an interactive way to record consumers’ "Beeracles" in their very own words.

Video assets were created and placed across Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube.

In-store Geo-fencing activation

Special geo-fencing activations in local beverage centers buzzed shoppers’ phones when they approached Labatt with angelic music and a voice message from our beer preacher proclaiming a "Beeracle" is happening.

Local market assets

The team created custom Labatt Citra "Beeracle" stained glass windows and put them in bars in key markets.

To introduce Labatt Citra in new markets, retro revival style tour posters were created and beer drinkers were invited to local tastings to witness the "Beeracle" for themselves.