New Product Mayfield

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Case Study That Shows Our Ability to Create Awareness and Drive Trial for a New Product.

We chose to feature Mayfield Ice Cream because it’s a lot like Feltman’s. Mayfield is a family-owned brand with a rich history and it was started by brothers. Like Feltman’s, Mayfield’s strongest selling asset is simply to get consumers to sample them.

Quinn Brothers Bring
Back Feltman’s.

Mayfield Brothers Serve Up
Ice Cream.


Mayfield ice cream was launching as a new brand in Ohio through distribution in Walmart. Completely unknown in the market, Mayfield was up against the giants in the category—Blue Bell, Bryers, Edy’s and private label. Walmart threatened deauthorization if the sales did not increase.


Spoons in Mouths!

In all other markets, Mayfield is known for the taste of their premium ice cream and creative flavors. If we could get consumers to sample Mayfield, at the point of decision, at Walmart stores, we believed they would purchase on-the-spot.


Johnson Group and Mayfield teams created the World’s Largest Ice Cream Tour—Taste-a-Palooza—an Experiential Sampling event hosted in 60 Walmart parking lots across the state. Johnson Group designed and created all event assets and scheduled, staffed, set up and managed each event.

We recruited and trained Mayfield Moms to staff the sampling events and evangelize for the brand.
The Feltman’s Army could be mobilized in the same way.


When kids weren’t eating ice cream, they were having fun in the Mayfield jump house.

At 20′ tall, Maggie the cow could be seen for blocks, drawing in the crowds.

Everyone likes to see the Mayfield Ice Cream Truck—especially with its new event design.

We set the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest ice cream cone at Walmart.

We promoted Taste-a-Palooza through a unique combination of Mayfield’s social media assets and the social media assets of local radio stations and DJ’s, thereby increasing the reach, shares and attendance.

As Taste-a-Palooza traveled from state to state, fans could track the event on Facebook to see when it would arrive in their area. In addition to Live Remote Broadcasts, radio stations promoted the event by sharing the page via Facebook and Twitter.

Fans could also vote for their state’s favorite ice cream flavor and download a coupon via Facebook.

Each state voted their favorite Mayfield ice cream flavor.

Each vote was rewarded with a downloadable coupon.