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The True Taste
of Success
Feltman’s Response to Proposal

Case Study That Shows Our Ability to Create Awareness and Drive Trial for a New Product.

Trianon Tequila

Business Challenge

Tequila is the only distilled spirits category experiencing growth with 30 to 40 new brands each year, 1,200 existing brands, and ad spend exceeding $70 million annually. Trianon was yet another new brand that needed positioning, but without a massive budget or the built-in celebrity of Justin Timberlake, George Clooney, P. Diddy, or Sammy Hagar that other brands featured.

Strategic Insights

Johnson Group worked with Trianon to discover a simple, common-sense test used exclusively by Master Tequileros in Amatitan Mexico to determine the true taste of tequila.

We branded this fun, consumer-engaging test: The Trianon Rub.

Here’s how the Trianon Rub works.

1. Pour a little in your palm.

2. Rub your hands together.

3. Wave your hands to dry the liquid.

4. Smell the sweet earthiness of Blue Agave.

With Trianon, you will smell the rich, floral scent of true Blue Agave. Other tequilas just smell like alcohol. Try the rub with your tequila. Better yet, try the true taste of tequila. Trianon.

We launched Trianon and the Trianon Rub with a grassroots campaign focused strictly on customer activation.


The steady spread and consumption across 12 states and counting.

YouTube Launch Video

This launch video explained the Trianon Rub–the simple test that master tequila distillers have used for generations to distinguish truly premium tequila. When consumers tried this test and compared their current brand to Trianon, they were astounded by Trianon’s taste.

True Taste Event

Johnson Group created a unique spray attachment to allow the Tequila to be gently, and cleanly, sprayed into consumers’ hands during the Trianon Rub demonstration.

Johnson Group worked with the Trianon team to schedule and staff Trianon Rub Events at high-end bars in target cities.

The “Spray”

The “Rub”

The “Wave”

The “Smell”

The “Taste”

The “Reaction”

On-Bottle Merchandising

Trianon Rub cards were attached to all bottles for distribution in liquor stores.


Thirty-second video ads were created for online and traditional TV placement to support the launch of the brand in the specific geography of key distributors and retailers.


We commissioned Emilio Garcia Salazar, a Mexican artist from the heart of tequila country, to capture the traditional blue weber agave harvest in a painting that would represent the brand. Celebrating the true taste of tequila, the painting is featured on Trianon’s website along with the Trianon story, the Trianon Rub test, drink recipes, and availability.