from discontinued to top-seller

Activating Brand Lovers and Influencers to Relaunch a Product

After discontinuing its Oatmeal Raisin Chewy Granola Bars, consumers began a noticeable protest on social media to #BringBackOatmealRaisin.

Recognizing the opportunity, Sunbelt Bakery® made a modest investment to amplify consumer protests and create a buzz on social media. Ultimately, that buzz brought the product back by popular demand and made it a top seller.

Giving brand lovers a louder voice

Sunbelt Bakery created and amplified branded social media posts that featured the real names and comments from consumers along with the consumer-created hashtag #BringBackOatmealRaisin.

Sunbelt Bakery then chose 150 followers and surprised them with personalized mailers that included their original social media posts and some of the first Oatmeal Raisin bars made for the relaunch.

Additionally, product samples and branded glasses were sent to key influencers across the country.

Within a year, this modest product relaunch became one of the brand’s top selling products.