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Launch a Wireless Revolution



What do you do when your wireless brand has a badly damaged reputation, and you’re being ground into the pavement by the mega-merged, mega-sized wireless competitors? That’s what the new management of Northcoast PCS in Cleveland, OH was asking itself. We suggested something bold: incite a revolution.


We created an entirely new unlimited wireless brand that reflected the anti-establishment tone of our new target demo of 18-24 year-olds. We named the brand “Revol Wireless,” and set about promoting it by breaking numerous advertising conventions and, allegedly, a few laws.


Our anti-establishment rallying cry tapped into the frustration of the target audience, and fueled immediate results:
• Gross adds compared to the same time in the previous year increased 132%.
• Revenues jumped $750,000 a month, or $9 million a year, in the single launch market.
• Revol secured licensing and funding to spread The Revolution to 5 more markets.


With no explanation or mention of Revol, we aired spots for MegaWireless—a fictitious company that represented everything wrong with the wireless industry.

A week later, “The Revolution” mysteriously hacked into the transmission to incite the masses. Plus, we worked with media partners to interrupt ACTUAL broadcast programming, including hacking into an MTV broadcast and dropping a skydiver into a live news report.


The Revol logo mysteriously appeared on buildings—including the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame—via portable projectors mounted to clandestine trucks, helicopters and boats.

Cryptic wild postings featured a phone number that led to an impassioned message from The Revolution about “freedom of speech.”

We gained permission to paint a huge brand mark on a building at a major intersection.

Raging ambush concerts stormed across the city on a stage that could pop out of a semi in minutes.

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We even created a subversive radio show—Revol Radio—that championed under-exposed, unsigned bands to a sizable audience.


When it was time to start actually selling the unlimited wireless plan, Revol did it in a very “anti-retail” way.

The launch spot featured a base jumper leaping from the same MegaWireless headquarters building shown in the teaser spot.

This spot blurred the lines between fiction and reality by first airing during the broadcast of the PGA’s Bridgestone Invitational golf tournament, being held in the area.


Conventional postings of outdoor still included plenty of in-your-face attitude.