Launching The world's lightest high-performance cooler

Why should a cooler weigh more than what's in it?

Two things everyone knows about high-performance coolers: they keep ice a ridiculously long time, and they’re ridiculously heavy. Rugged Road set out to correct that second point with a high-performance cooler at 1/3 the weight of category leaders like Yeti and RTIC.

It was our challenge to launch this next generation cooler direct to consumers, with zero brand awareness, no retail or online distribution and a fraction of the marketing budget.

Our pitch to consumers was simple. Instead of adding 20 to 30 pounds to your gear, imagine if your cooler added barely any weight at all.

Performance Demo Ads

Ads focused on demonstrating the cooler’s amazing light weight as well as other performance features such as floatability, capacity, and even fire resistance.

How light is it? See for yourself.

We created an interactive web app that invited consumers choose items to test the weight of the Rugged Road.

Go ahead—click an object below to see how it weighs in vs. the Rugged Road on the right.

Click on any
of these items

Lightweight cooler. Heavyweight performance.