Launching The True Taste of Tequila


Each year, up to 40 new Tequila brands are launched—often co-branded with major celebrities—joining the fray to compete with nearly 1200 established brands. Our challenge with Trianon was to launch another new brand into this fiercely competitive market, without massive budgets or George Clooney, P. Diddy or Sammy Hagar to fight for us. What we did have, however, was even more powerful. The Truth.

Discovering The Difference

We traveled to Jalisco, Mexico where proof of the brand’s authentic craftsmanship was an easy find.
But the true discovery was this: All tequilas claim to be made from 100% blue agave. With most brands, that unique agave taste never makes it to the bottle. To determine if tequila possesses the true taste of agave—and therefore, the true taste of tequila—Mexico’s Maestro Tequileros use a simple, common-sense test.
We branded this simple, consumer-engaging test: The Trianon Rub.

The Trianon Rub

The Trianon Rub as demonstrated by a Maestro Tequilero:

Creative Assets

With the Trianon Rub providing compelling proof of premium taste, we launched with a brand position befitting an unabashedly authentic small batch tequila: Trianon. The True Taste of Tequila.

True Taste Testing

The most effective way to prove Trianon's brand promise was to taste Trianon's brand promise.

We launched a hands-on DTC strategy including planning tastings in upmarket establishments, developing event training and even staffing the events with our employees.

Hundreds of consumers directly experienced the Trianon Rub, and the True Taste of Tequila, at each event.

We transformed the unique Trianon bottle into a unique no-mess delivery system for the Trianon rub.