Integrated media
Shaping four distinct brands within
one fast-moving company

U.S. Xpress markets 4 different product/brands to 4 different segments of the same audience. Additionally, they provide a platform to cross-sell the appropriate prospects to the other product/brands.


Each of U.S. Xpress’s 4 brands must acquire and retain thousands of drivers in a market so competitive, the job posting to available driver rate is 9 to 1 and the churn rate averages 100%.

Define Each Brand’s Ideal Segment

Through ISAC™, our proprietary, multi-touch attribution model, we continuously optimize to each brand’s most efficient:

  • Prospect profile
  • Geo targets
  • Media platforms

Define Each Brand’s Positioning

The U.S. Xpress family of brands includes separate, distinct product brands. We developed positionings and campaigns for each.


The U.S. Xpress Corporate brand is positioned as transforming the industry.

The Variant brand

The Variant brand, although part of U.S. Xpress, has its own identity and brand guidelines to clearly separate Variant as the premium brand.

The U.S. Xpress driver brand

When drivers do not meet the strict requirements for Variant, they are cross-sold the U.S. Xpress opportunities. The U.S. Xpress brand is positioned as “U Can Depend On U.S.”

The U.S. Xpress Dedicated brand

If a driver does not want to drive long routes, they are cross-sold USX Dedicated opportunities. The U.S. Xpress Dedicated brand demonstrates the unique attributes that allow drivers to “Run Right and Relax”.

The U.S. Xpress Team Brand

The U.S. Xpress Team brand is positioned as a way to “Raise your Quality of Life”. If a driver will consider team driving, they are cross-sold U.S. Xpress Team opportunities.

Full-Funnel Lead Nurturing & Cross-Selling Optimization

We track and optimize from each advertising asset through the entire conversion funnel.

Email Lead Nurturing & Retention Optimization

We create and track email flows to keep new leads in the funnel and re-market to those who fall out.

Cross-Selling Optimization Map

No lead is wasted. Each U.S. Xpress brand lead is shared throughout the brand family.

VARIANT Creative examples



Social Media Driver Recruitment Campaign

Landing page

USX TEAM Creative examples

USX DEDICATED Creative examples

USX driver Creative examples