ViaSat Satellite Internet

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10 city tour, 1.3 million engagements, and 2,000+ new leads for a satellite internet provider.

Exede Satellite Internet


While high-speed internet is commonplace in high-population areas of the country, lightly-populated rural markets continue to be underserved, most still relying on antiquated DSL connections.

Our challenge was to announce and demonstrate that rural internet consumers can finally have high-speed internet where they live.


Viasat’s brand team had developed the positioning that Exede Satellite Internet is considered “so fast, it must be from outer space.” So we took this positioning and their mascot, Brian the alien, and created a 20′ UFO and custom Oshkosh truck.

The Viasat and Johnson Group teams then staffed and transported this brand activation event across a 10-city road tour at major events in rural counties (off-road in some cases).


In rural markets, you can’t count on traditional media placements, so in addition to mailers and door hangers we also used gas pump toppers and truck trailers.


Social media promoted the captured UFO back story as it tracked the tour from event to event.


It’s hard to miss an Oshkosh truck hauling a UFO down the highway. By the time we arrived at a local event to set up, people were already waiting.

In addition to the centerpiece UFO with functioning LED lights and the Oshkosh truck, the activation tent included computer stations with live Exede Satellite internet for guests to try out and sign up.