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Terri™ SaaS Platform

Auto gens thousands of Google AMP landing pages for industry-leading speed and optimization down to the asset level.


Multi-touch attribution model optimizes each media platform to final conversion.

Petri Dish™ Full-Funnel CRO

Ensures you continuously have the highest performing creative assets.

Custom Analytics Dashboard

Complete, granular results at your fingertips.

C Spire Case Study

DTC Challenge

C Spire was not facing a creative challenge. Their challenge was shifting to a digital first strategy while combatting the resources of the giants in the industry—Verizon, AT&T and T Mobile.

DTC Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

The first step, prior to planning and placing media, was working with C Spire to Implement website Conversion Rate Optimization across the main lines of business to ensure website visitors had a frictionless path to purchase.

C Spire had an 11 page checkout process as outlined below.

We worked closely with C Spire to optimize the process to 5 steps.

And helped C Spire optimize the layout and language to reduce friction and increase conversions.

We then helped C Spire optimize each line of business.

Business Internet Landing Page

Business Wireless Landing Page

VoIP Landing Page

Cloud Solutions Landing Page

DTC Acquisition Strategy

We worked with C Spire to create a Brand Development Index that identified the highest value C Spire consumer segments by market and allocated the media to get the best ROI.


  • Website conversions dramatically increased.

  • Cost per acquisition dramatically decreased.

  • Web sales dramatically increased.