Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau. Marketing Campaign

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Inquiries spike 30% with live-remote tourism marketing on social media.

Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau


Many people in Atlanta spend hours enduring long and frequent traffic jams. At times like these, who could fault a driver for daydreaming about a fun, traffic-free family getaway? Our challenge was to capture consumers at the point of traffic-fueled frustration, and show them what it’s like, at that very moment, just two hours away in Chattanooga.


We worked with the CVB’s marketing team to develop a unique influencer campaign that featured social media posts, live radio liners and digital billboards updated in real time.

We arranged for a popular Atlanta morning DJ and his family to spend a week enjoying Chattanooga’s most popular attractions.

Each morning, he shared their experiences with his ATL audience via multiple live radio remotes.

Meanwhile, real-time images of the family’s adventures appeared on digital billboards throughout the Atlanta area.

Both the DJ and the radio station posted all of the fun on their social properties.