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35% more conversions from instant-loading

World’s first use of Google AMP for advertising


The competition to convert mobile customers online, across all industries, is growing dramatically. And landing page load speeds are a key factor in winning the battle to increase conversions. Our challenge was to develop a competitive advantage that would boost our clients’ mobile loading speeds and increase their conversions.

We found that Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) was the fastest loading platform but only used in e-publishing. We worked with Google Developer Support to pioneer the adaptation of AMP into a platform for loading advertising pages at record speeds.

53 percent of mobile website visits are abandoned if page loading takes more than 3 seconds.
– Google DoubleClick Blog


As a Google Partner, we worked with Google Developer Support to adapt a new technology developed for e-publishing called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) into a platform for loading marketing and advertising sites at record speeds.

AMP pages preload with search results, so pages are instantly available when the user clicks.


Instant-loading mobile pages with 5x higher conversions for our clients.

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Faced with a growing industry driver shortage, increasing shipping demand, and a 90% industry-wide driver turnover rate, U.S. Xpress, the 5th largest independent trucking company in the nation, challenged us to increase their mobile driver job applications. The results were remarkable.

World attention

Johnson Group was invited to speak at Google’s World AMP Conference 2018 in Amsterdam as a result of the success of this proprietary AMP breakthrough. Speakers included thought leaders from around the world from such companies as Google, BuzzFeed, Doodle, Reddit, Vox Media, Airbnb,, and Johnson Group.